How to Increase Passion in a Relationship

As we get more comfortable in a relationship the newness sometimes dwindles. The romantic gestures and hot new relationship sex might even decrease but your relationship doesn’t have to be like this. Oftentimes relationships fail because the thrill of the chase is gone and the excitement of the unknown is no longer a mystery. For you and your partner’s sake do not settle for a stale relationship or boredom in the bedroom because this will only lead to infidelity or a breakup. Here are a few ways you can maintain and increase passion in the relationship:


In today’s technology age everyone has their phones in hand and is constantly sending text messages or receiving texts. Surprise your partner by sending them a naughty text. Send them a photo of you in lingerie or just panties. Let them know what you want to do to them and what you want them to do to you later that evening when you two both get home. Sexting in the middle of the day will create anticipation, maintain sexual chemistry, and increase passion.


Sex toys, sex swings, body chocolate, massage oils, roleplay, and trying different positions will help keep the passion high. When couples try or experiment with different things it helps find out what they find the most pleasurable. It’s like discovering each other’s bodies all over again maintaining the spark that is necessary to have consistent passion.



Public display of affection shows the equal love and attraction you two have for each other. If there is no attraction or affection then you might as well be platonic friends. Before work give each other a passionate kiss, don’t be afraid to twist tongues or nibble on each other’s lips. If your partner gets turned on by kissing behind his ears then do so. Grab his behind or tease him by giving him a quick feel of your breasts. This will increase your desires for each other and when you guys see each other later that day you will finish where you both left off. Attention and affection inside and outside the home is essential for any romantic relationship to thrive. Plus, you two will go through the day with big smiles on your faces.

Get sexy

There is nothing sexier and more seductive than a confident woman in beautiful lingerie. Every woman no matter age and body type should always have high-quality luxury lingerie in their lingerie drawer. Adding new lingerie sets or pieces will also keep the passion fresh. Men are visual creatures and are aroused by what they see. If you want to get more of his attention then buy some sexy lingerie, put some makeup and perfume, and wear some stiletto heels while he’s watching television for a jaw dropping reaction. You’ll end up being his main course and dessert. Surprising your significant other by wearing sexy lingerie shows your confidence, femininity, sexuality, and seductive side that most find irresistible.


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