6 Role-Play Tips for Beginners

Keeping the passion and excitement in your love life is essential to maintaining a strong romantic relationship. One way you can add some fire into your relationship is by incorporating sensual role-play. Many sex experts agree that couple role-play is a great way to explore and satisfy unfulfilled fantasies - as long as it’s done safely and respectfully. Here are our role-play tips for beginners:

1. Consent

Let your partner know that the health of your relationship is more important than this new sensual journey. Whether or not they want to continue role-play in the future is perfectly acceptable. Reassure your partner that you are not forcing them to do anything against their will, and just because you try this once, doesn't mean it needs to be a part of your relationship forever.

2. Communicate

Communication is key in any relationship, especially if you want to strengthen your sexual relationship. Many couples get bored with each other and seek satisfaction outside of their relationship, rather than letting their partner know their needs. Sexy role-play allows couples to strengthen their bond while acting out sexual fantasies that they may be otherwise too shy to share.

3. Plan

Planning is essential for anything to be successful, even for your role-play rendezvous. This is especially important for beginners, that way there is no confusion or last minute jitters. Decide and agree on a day, place, and time. By planning in advance it gives you two the time to mentally and physically prepare yourselves, which is helpful for those who are trying something new.

4. Role Choices

Character roles are very important in role-playing, so it’s vital that you and your partner choose something you both will enjoy. Role-play newbies can start off with a sexy chef costume while the woman prepares dinner and her partner plays her very lucky guest. Later on, advanced couples can play dominant and submissive with the Cleopatra costume. And of course, there's the sexy French maid, and more daring naughty nun costume. The options are endless as long as you use your imagination and creativity. There is just something about a sexy bedroom costume that elevates the sensuality, passion, and excitement in role-playing. Beyond acting out your role, costumes add visual elements that heighten arousal and desire.

5. Foreplay

Foreplay during role-play is sooo sexy. Although flirtation comes naturally once you slip into character, being touched with orgasm oil under a French maid skirt is sublime. Include sensual lubricants, massage candles, and sex toys to allow you and your partner to caress, stroke, and appreciate each other’s bodies in new ways.

6. Boundaries

Sexual role-play should be fun and exciting. It should never be uncomfortable, scary, or show a lack of respect for your partner. Avoid extremes such as controversial roles or super taboo roles to avoid arguments or scare your partner away. Lay out boundaries such as likes, dislikes, and hard boundaries. Setting limits ensures your partner that they can relax, play, and get ready for some steamy, intense, fantasy-fulfilling, sexual role-play fun.


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